Up Stable Token

Reduced volatility, grow potential, trustless,
low fees, backed by multiasset reserve,
transparent: a token made for real life use

Tron Hackathon
DeFi award

USTX is among the winners to build
DeFi on Tron and contribute to the
ecosystem growth.

Are you ready
for WARP

How we bend space and time
to simplify DeFi
  • list-img No intermediaries, directly from DEX
  • list-img Live from November 2nd, 21:00utc
  • list-img Tokens are sent out immediately
  • list-img Stablecoins liquidity locked in the reserve
  • list-img 0% fee on buy, only 1% fee on sell
  • list-img Listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and Coinpaprika


The project is built around two pillars: the USTX token and the DEX. The token is a TRC20 contract, deployed on Tron blockchain, implementing the needed features to enable simple transactions at very low fees. The DEX is the core of the project. A smart contract actively manages all exchange transactions on the USTX/Stablecoin pairs (USDT, TUSD, USDJ, USDC), with the goal of keeping the internal stablecoins reserve at a certain level compared to the circulating market cap of the token. If the reserve is above the target level, the system allows price expansion during up-trends of the market and dampens price reductions during down-trends, reducing volatility. If the reserve is below the desired level, the system reduces the expansion and damping effect, to recover the reserve levels. All this is managed on-chain, without the intervention of the owner of the contract. The stablecoins reserve is locked inside the DEX contract and is verifiable on chain by any user. This provides intrinsic value to the USTX token. Being multiasset, the reserve guarantees resiliency. Also, since the price action is not based on oracles, it's immune to avalanche effects in case of price fluctuations of the stablecoins. The smart contracts are audited and open source.
USTX vs AMM token simulation
Backed by stablecoins
Low fees
Locked liquidity


The USTX project aims to be sustainable. 90% of the liquidity raised during launchpad is locked in the DEX reserve.
5% of the USTX liquidity raised during Launchpad will be shared as rewards among the community testnet participants.
During normal DEX operation a 1% fee (applied only on sell transactions) will guarantee long term sustainability of the project.
The team tokens are placed in vesting smart contracts to enforce the release date.
Token distribution
Launchpad 10M
Reserve 6M
Development 5.5M
CTN 0.5M
Initial supply 22M
Initial M.Cap 240k$



Prepare the whitepaper, simulations, basic website and build the team
April 2021

Private Testnet

Smart contracts deployed on testnet, private testing, website live
May 2021

Community TestNet

Open testnet, beta DEX, build community, contracts review
June-September 2021


Smart contracts on mainnet, DEX goes live, Round 1 and 2 of launchpad.
October 2021

DEX Live

The trading DEX is active, smart contract parameters tuning.
November 2021


List the token in other DEXs, CEXs and on information sites.
Q4 2021+

Buyback and Stake

Add Stake-Buyback-Earn functionality. Promote USTX adoption with collaborations (e.g. NFT)
Q1 2022


Launch Voting platform. Deploy cross-chain bridge and launch on first EVM compatible chain
Q1-Q2 2022


Cross-launch events on more EVM chains. Each launch will boost price (buyback) and project marketing
Q3-Q4 2022

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